Sunshine and warm weather has finally arrived! 

Now, before I can sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine on the deck or read a book on the porch, I have to clean all the cobwebs off the furniture and drag it back out of the garage.

Lets start with the front porch.

Every spring I clean the slate with warm water and a broom to get all the dirt and debris off from the winter.  It dulls over time, so I need to seal and protect it yearly.  I want it to shine like the top of the Chrysler Building!!

Next, I roll on a product that seals and protects.  I use a paint roller and pan, just roll it on carefully, trying not to splash on my hands and arms. 

You want to make sure it is completely dry before placing any furniture back into place.  This happens pretty quickly on a nice, sunshiny day.

I go a little light in the flower department, I usually burn out on watering about 2.5 weeks after I plant everything.  I don't know about you guys, but every dang year I have to buy a new hose nozzle because it leaks all over.  No one likes a leaky nozzle!  AND no likes to spend money to have shriveled up brown flowers by Fourth of July!

On to the backyard deck...

I built the deck last summer and it is very low maintenance.  All I have to do here is wash it off with soap and water. 

This year I needed to add some plants around the edge of the deck.  Instead of buying them, I opted to divide Daylilies that were getting a little thick in another area of the yard.  Cheap, easy, and quick!

Added some mulch and a few flower pots and BAM! Done.

I hope everyone enjoys their summer!

I have some busy weeks to come, with my sons graduation and open house!  Such an exciting and scary time! 

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