Sorry, its been so long... 

I had a little set back with the winter storm we just had.  #RealJobProblems

So, back to the office we go.  Here is a reminder of the before.

The color here is a light grey.  I wanted to go navy, but with such a small space, I thought I would just do a focus wall navy and the rest white.

You know how you think something in your head and you hope it's not true, but then someone comes over and points out the obvious? 

Well, I didn't really love this, thought it was too white.  However, I was thinking it might be ok once I get a desk and everything else in the room.  Then, good ole mom comes over and says the same thing...She doesn't like it either.

What is a girl to do?  You guessed it, repaint!

So much better!! 

I love the navy,crisp white trim, and the ceiling. 

This is just the beginning, my next project is the window treatment.  I'm going to start looking for some bright fabric that I can turn into a roman shade.

Stay tuned, let us hope and pray that Spring is right around the corner!