I have a large blank space above my bed, and it is in need of some serious love.  This wall has damask wallpaper on it, and I have been a bit nervous to hang anything here.  I never wanted to cause any damage to the paper with mismarked holes or by hanging something that I would want to change in a month, so I have just avoided the area all together.


I was drooling over everything in my recent 'Pottery Barn' catalog and came across these beauts.

Weston Picture Frame

Weston Picture Frame

These would work perfect over the bed, and once I get them up, I can just change the art work inside as needed.  The only down fall, each 8x10 frame is 29.50, which is actually a steal for one, but I would need five. BOOOOO

I decided to see if I can make something equally as cute, but just a bit cheaper.

I started my mission by looking for the actual frames.  This was a daunting task, picture frames are so pricey!  If I wanted to stay under 30.00 bucks, I would have to find a deal.

I finally found these at 'Kirklands', a great home store in my area.

These frames are larger, measuring  11x14 and holding an 8x10 photo.  After the sale price and my coupon, they ended up costing $9.64 each.  At that size, I would need three to fit perfectly across my headboard, so that comes to $28.92.  Instead of one for $30.00, I got three for $30.00!! WhatWhat?

Next, the hardware for the frames.

I needed the piece that screws into the frame that holds the ring, then the actual ring, and then a hook that screws into the wall to hold the frame.

I drilled a hold into the middle of each frame.

I purchased bronze metal pulls from 'Hobby Lobby' and screwed one into the middle of each frame.  They were $2.99 each.

I found these large key rings that split, so I can slide it onto the metal pull.  They were only .23 cents each, I just had to spray them with some bronze spray paint.

Lastly, the hooks that will hold the frame.  Again, a 'Hobby Lobby' find at only $3.99 each. 

I just spaced them evenly across the wall, making sure to measure twice and drill once.

The end result turned out pretty darn cute!

Lets total it up...

  • Frames                     $9.64 x 3 = $28.92
  • Bronze Metal Pull   $2.99 x 3 = $8.97
  • Rings                            .23 x 3 = $.69
  • Hooks                       $3.99 x 3 = $11.97
  • Total for Three        $50.55                                     

Next, I need to find something to go into the frames!  Any suggestions?

Thanks for stopping by!