One of the many projects I want to tackle this year would be to set up an office space in one of my spare rooms.  I have a empty room upstairs and a full bedroom on the main level, so I am debating which would be more practical for an office...

Lets go over the deets!

The empty room upstairs would be next to my sons room.  Downfall to this would be, loss of concentration (due to loud music) and it is not very convenient since I would have to walk up the stairs to work.


Downstairs would work best, the only problem is the bed and dresser already taking up the space.  That would mean I would have to break a sweat and move those upstairs.  Not a cute, look at her face glistening, but a back breaking O-M-G how do I get that mattress up those stairs sweat!!

Hmmm decisions decisions. 

While I am deciding, here are a few spaces that have been inspiring me.

Photo By  Glitter Guide

Photo By Glitter Guide

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Let me know your opinion on which room you think would work best. 

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