Happy New Year!  

It has been a week, so is everyone still sticking to their New Year resolutions?  I'm going to try to start out each day with a prayer and a positive attitude. It may only last until 9am, but sooo what.. Don't judge!!

With winter in full swing, I thought we would make something to remind us of our outside happy place. Hurry up Spring!  Not that I'm trying to rush life or anything!

A low maintenance way to bring greenery indoors is to create a terrarium. 


  • Glass Container
  • Pebbles/Rocks
  • Activated Charcoal (sometimes called carbon)
  • Potting Soil
  • Plants/Succulents
  • Moss

The glass container you choose can be just about anything.  I went with a medium size for about  three to four plants, but if you want to go larger you definitely can. Here are a few examples from 'Target' ranging from $12.99-$158.99.

Once you have your container start layering to create a drainage system.  First) The base layer of pebbles.  All you need is approximately 1 to 2 inches to cover the bottom.

Second) Activated charcoal, sometimes called carbon.  I had a hard time locating this around my area so I ordered it on 'Amazon'.  You literally only need a sprinkle of this on top of the pebbles.  Although, you may think this isn't a necessary step, it is.  The charcoal reduces bacteria and fungi and helps with the odor from a closed lid container.

Third) Potting soil, at this point you will want to take a look at the plants you purchased and determine how thick of a layer this should be.  Make holes in the soil where the plants will be going.  Take the plants out of their mini pots and place in the holes, then add enough dirt to make sure bulbs are completely covered.

Lastly, is some moss.  I just dampened it a bit and placed it around the plants and throughout the terrarium.

A few tips...

The glass magnifies the light and will produce moisture inside. You want to place it somewhere that gets some sun, but do not place it in direct sunlight.

If the terrarium starts to look a bit dry then just mist the inside, do not drench the plants.


Let me know if you have planted anything indoors and how it has turned out. 

Thanks for coming by and cheers to being cooped up in the house for another four months!! Whoot Whoot!!