So two big events are almost here...

Christmas is a week away, OH MY! I hope everyone has their tree trimmed and presents wrapped because Santa is coming, ready or not.

But more important than that, is my son.  He turns 18 tomorrow! Wait let me say that again,  EIGHTEEN!  Where did the time go? It seemed like yesterday he was just my little baby boy. Now he is a man, well kinda...

Now that I got a tissue and wiped the tears...Lets move on!

I wanted to make a small, but sentimental gift for my best friends. I also wanted it to be useful.  I love cutting boards, but they can be a bit pricey and I needed five.  So instead I went with a cheese board.

I purchased my cheese boards at 'Sur La Table' and decided I would personalize these by monogramming them with their last name.

Here are all the supplies I used:

  • Cheese Board - $5.99
  • Creative Versa Tool Kit - $34.99 (50% off coupon) $17.50
  • Cheese Spreader - 4 for $9.99
  • String - $4.00
  • Stencil - $5.00
  • Total - $43.00 (about $9.00 a piece)

I purchased my wood burning tool from 'Joann Fabrics', and with a little practice it was simple to use.  I practiced each letter on a piece of scrap wood just to be sure I had every angle and curve down to a science. 

I laid the stencil down in the middle of the board and held it firmly in place with some tape.  Then I traced the letters with a pencil, which made it easy to correct if it wasn't perfectly centered.

After the letter was perfect, I slowly burned the letter in the wood with my Versa Tool.  Press lightly and continue to go over the letter until it is exactly how you want it

I repeated this with the other five..  I love how they all turned out.  The cheese boards all have a unique look with different wood grain on each of them.

The finishing touch was a small cheese spreader I added to the top with some red and white string.  And of course a little piece of candy!

For under $10.00 each, these are the perfect Christmas gift for friends or could also work great as a hostess gift at a dinner party.  If you missed my last post - Tablescaping - check out how I used these as place settings at my dinner table.

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With the holiday season here my next post is scheduled for January 7th!  Hope to see you then.

I would love to hear all your plans for Christmas and any special homemade gifts you have planned.