I haven't forgotten about MLM, just had to take a break.  I'll be returning as soon as possible. 

Looking forward to getting my son started in college and my new puppy trained!  My goal is FALL peeps!  Sooo, I'll see you all in October!  Hopefully at that time my main focus will be the blog and I can have regular post coming out consistent basis.

Thanks and see you asap


Good Morning!

I just wanted to stop by this happy Sunday and set some expectations for my blog.

This is my passion,  but unfortunately it is not my full time job.  Although, I would love to pursue design as my career in the future, right now it can only be part time.

With that being said, I will be posting just once a month starting June 1st and going forward at this point. 

I hope you guys will still stop by and check me out!  I love any and all comments, and of course please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for any updates.

I appreciate your patience and support!


Happy Spring!

I have finally finished my roman shade for the office.  It is only one window, so some might think that I could whip that out in a weekend, but no such luck...

I found the material at 'JoAnn Fabrics', it is the perfect amount of navy with a pattern that is not to wild and crazy.  I purchased all that was left on the bolt, which was just under two yards for $13.78 (on sale for $6.99/yrd).

My window is 33"W X 53"L. 

Determine the size of the shade by adding 4" to the width of your window and 8 1/2" to the length.  Cut both your fabric and the lining to these measurements.

Lay fabric face down and fold and pin 2" hems on all sides.  If you have patience, unlike me, it helps to iron the hems to keep them crisp and flat.  Stitch all sides.

The lining will be the same, except you will hem this 2 3/8" on all sides.

Once complete, lay the lining on the shade, wrong sides together.  I pinned together, making sure fabric is even on all sides.  Then slowly stitch on all four sides.

Determine the positions for the dowel pockets, and mark them on the back of the shade with disappearing ink.  Pockets need to be evenly spaced intervals.  To determine position of bottom pocket, divide size of intervals by 2, and add 1. 

I used 10" intervals, so my bottom pocket was at 6".  Then, every 10" I placed another line.  Leave at least 10" from the top.

Sew strips out of the remaining lining.  Fold in half lengthwise, wrong size together, and stitch all three sides with double hem.

With the size of my window and my 10" intervals, I needed five pockets.

Pin each strip on the line that was drawn on the lining; machine stitch.  Insert dowel into each pocket.

At this point your shade is almost complete. 

The next step is sewing on the rings for the string.  This is the most tedious step, because you have to hand sew the rings.  Three rings on each pocket. 3 x 5= 15 OH MY!!!

I measured 2" in on both the left and right sides for the rings and then straight down the middle.


Now we have to hang this thing up!

Staple the fabric to your pre-cut wood, making sure it is straight from end to end. 

Soooo, I can not tell a lie....

I kinda messed up at this point.  As my dad drilled the wood into window, I remembered I needed to add three eye screws to the wood.  This is to guide the string and lift the shade.  DUH

I just added these after it was already hung.  Quick fix, but hard to get a photo of this.

And TaaaaaDaaaaa!!!!!!

I followed these easy steps from my favorite girl, Martha Stewart, to make this shade.

Next up, I need to fill this space.  I'll keep you posted!


Welcome back, hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!

With the count down to Christmas, 22 days to be exact, I thought I would show you three different but equally awesome tables.

I asked my mom and my bestie to participate in designing a table for this holiday season.  They both happily agreed of course because 1.) They love design 2.) I have that spoiled..only child thing going for me!

Let's start with Mommy dearest!

She decided to go with her dining room table, because she's fancy...

She chose gold accents which look beautiful with the shimmering chandelier.  She tied the silverware with a bell to a bit of greenery she snipped from outside.

Everything looks perfect for Christmas! This would also work great for a New Years Eve dinner party!

Thanks mom for taking the time to style your table for us!  It looks GRRRREAT!

Next up, my bestie Lisa...

Lisa brought the outside in with these rustic wood rounds.  They can be used as serving platters for cheese and crackers or any other delicious appetizers. 

She also made these adorable place setting cards.  Looks like I'm invited to dinner!?

Lisa is three kids deep over there, so big shout out to her for taking the time to do this for me!

Now, on to my table...

Red accents were my color of choice.  The only things I purchased were napkins and red and cream jingle bells I found at 'Home Goods'.  Everything else I already had hiding among all the other crap (I mean goodies) in the attic.

Like my Mom and Lisa, I also wanted to bring something outside to the indoors.  I had these cute little containers that I filled with salt, fresh cranberries, and a bit of evergreen.

One last thing, I wanted a small gift each guest could take home when they left.  Which happens to also be monogrammed so each person knows exactly where to sit (tutorial coming soon).

I hope you agree that although these tables are completely different, they are all welcoming for any guest.  Many blessings to all of you and may your meal also be served on a beautiful table.

Next post scheduled for Dec. 17th.  I have a fun little gift you can spruce up for your besties.